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Breast Reshaping

Breast lift surgery does not significantly change the size of your breasts or round out the upper part of your breast. If you want your breasts to look fuller, you can consider breast lift with breast augmentation surgery. So with this combination, you will have chance to reshape and enlarge your breasts. Breast reshapement surgery may also includes breast reduction and lift combination in some cases where patients seek for reduction of their breasts.

Your breasts often change over time and lose their youthful shape and firmness. Pregnancy, nursing, weight gain and loss, aging and gravity can cause breasts to soften and sag. Breast lift surgery can offer a way to regain your body confidence with rejuvenating your figure with a breast profile that is more youthful and uplifted. A breast lift is often combined with breast augmentation surgery to increase both the firmness and size of the breasts which is basically what is breast reshaping.

Breast lift surgery works by making an incision on each breast, the skin is then lifted and stitched in its new position and excess skin removed. The nipples will then be removed and repositioned in order to ensure that your newly positioned breasts look natural. Sometimes our medical teams may offer you to have breast lift with breast augmentation surgery to create fuller effect to your breasts. So this combined procedure will increase size of your breasts. Also in some cases, breast reshaping may be performed by reducing your size of breasts and uplift them.

The results of your breast reshaping surgery will be visible immediately. The final results of your breast lift and enlargement/reduction will appear over the next few months as breast shape and position continue to settle. Incision lines are permanent but will continue to fade over time. The results of your breast lift surgery will be longlasting.

*Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

*Ability to wear top dress without a bra

*A wider choice of clothes

*Enbales you to feel more feminine and attractive

*Rejuvenation of breasts

Breast reshaping surgery is a highly individualized procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image. The procedure is suitable for those patients who feel self-conscious due to their breasts having excess skin and appear deflated from weight loss, aging or pregnancy.

If you have one or more following feelings or conditions, you are a good candidate for breast uplift and enlargement surgery:

*You are bothered by the feeling that your breasts sag or have lost shape and volume or small

*Your breasts have a flatter, elongated shape or are pendulous

*Your nipples fall below the breast crease when unsupported

*Your nipples and areolas point downward

*You have stretched skin and enlarged areolas

*One breast is lower than the other

*Your breasts are oversized and sagged

You and your doctor will discuss all details of your surgery and decide together. You can directly share your complaints and concerns about your breasts’ look with your doctor and also your doctor will share his objective ideas about your breast uplift and enlargement surgery. So this is an interactive process that your happiness and healthiness is a priority.

You may leave hospital after couple of hours but generally we suggest you to stay overnight. You will have a supportive bra for 24 hours after surgery. Our doctor will give you all instructions to follow after your discharge. During follow-up process doctor will make at least two consultations before you return back to your country.