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Patient tailored treatments and advanced techniques
carried out by experts in the most complex level of Aesthetic,
Cosmetic, Reconstructive surgery and Regenerative medicine.

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Facial aesthetics is an area of great delicacy, we understand that every mimic and facial feature is important for our patients. Click/Tap to learn about our Scientific award-winning face procedures such as the 4 corner face-lift.


We see the woman body as a sculpture that we refine, reshape and redefine. Click below to view our curve defining body shaping procedures.


Breast procedures may have similar names, although each breast type has a different approach and technique to effectively improve the breasts. Whether its Augmentation, Lifting or Reduction, our experts are here to boost your self-confidence.


Here in Dr. Karaaltın Clinic, our patients’ satisfaction and happiness is indeed our mission & motivation. We aim to bring utmost patient satisfaction by approaching each patient uniquely, in an individual manner. Me and my team strive to help you achieve the ‘’Best Version of You’’ with innovative and advanced techniques I have personally developed during my years practicing and studying medicine.

Mehmet Veli Karaaltın, MD, FEPOBRAS


  • Safe BBL Guided with Ultrasound Monitoring
  • Ultrasound Guided VASER Liposuction
  • 3D Modelling Precision Rhinoplasty
  • Extended High SMAS Facelifting
  • Breast Implants with The Twirl Internal Bra Technique

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